Samsung RF4287Samsung is one of the more famous companies in the world because of the variety of products that they offer to consumers. The company manufactures mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and home appliances. For kitchen appliances, Samsung excels in manufacturing refrigerators.

The Samsung Refrigerator is equipped with an EZ-open handle that is specifically designed for kids so that they can easily access the food inside the refrigerator.

The refrigerator has a twin cooling system to control the temperature of the air in the freezer and the other compartments of the refrigerator. The freezer maintains dry air, while the other compartments maintain a 42 percent moisture content which is higher than that of ordinary refrigerators. With this cooling system, owners can preserve their fruits and vegetables longer.

The Samsung RF268 Refrigerator is installed with a Power Freezer and Power Cool features. These features allow owners to decrease the temperature to 10 degrees Celsius within minutes, good for cooling soft drinks and preserving ice creams.

The refrigerator is equipped with an LED monitor to alert the owner when to change the filter. The door of the refrigerator is also installed with an alarm to tell the user if the door is left open. It is also designed with energy saving technology to reduce the electricity consumption of the appliance. With these features, the owner can save more money.

It has a capacity of 26 cubic feet that allows the owner to store more items. The gallon door of the refrigerator is also efficient because it allows the owner to organize and personalize the storage space. The transparent shelves are made from plastic materials that are leak proof.

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The ice dispenser of the refrigerator is one of its major downfalls because it’s hard to operate. There are cases that have been reported that the ice dispenser makes loud noises. Parents have also expressed their concerns over the EZ-open handle because it allows their children to easily access junk foods and soft drinks.

Overall, consumers still prefer this model because it allows them to store more items and it has a good cooling system that maintains the freshness of their food for a long period of time. It is a perfect refrigerator for a family that has five to seven members. The refrigerator is also environmentally friendly because it has an energy saving technology. These features make the Samsung RF268 Refrigerator stand out from the rest of the refrigerators that are sold in the market.

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