removing refrigerator doors - refrigerator repair Las Vegas

removing refrigerator doors – refrigerator repair Las Vegas

For most types of refrigerator repairs, there is no reason to remove the doors. However, moving a refrigerator into or out of a space… that’s a different story! All too often people find that their doorways are just a tiny bit too narrow to get the fridge through as-is.  The good news is that while it is a bit more work, it’s not difficult.  Here, we’ll walk you through the process of removing the doors, whether it’s to fit through a tight space, or any other reason that might come up.

For some repairs, or when moving the refrigerator through a tight space, you may need to remove one or both doors. Before you attempt this, be sure to unplug the appliance.

When removing the freezer door your first step is to pull the kick plate off to access the water dispenser tube. Use an open-ended wrench to press down on the quick connector to release the tube. Be prepared for some water to spill out.

Now when removing either the freezer door or the refrigerator door, your next step is to remove the screws securing the top hinge cover. Slide the cover off and disconnect the wire harness if applicable.

Remove the bolts securing the top hinge to the cabinet. Partially open the door, then carefully lift it off the bottom hinge.

When you’re ready to remount the door, consider applying some silicone based grease to the lower cam first. Now position the door. If you’re replacing the freezer door, make sure the water dispenser tube is first inserted through the hole in the hinge pin, then slide the door onto the pin and close it.

Reposition the top hinge and secure it with the bolts. Make sure the door is level before tightening the bolt.

Reconnect the wire harness. If applicable, slide the hinge cover back on and secure with the screw.  Also, if applicable, fully insert the water dispenser tube into the connector and snap the kick plate into place.  You can now plug the appliance back in.

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  1. AJ October 3, 2018 at 8:24 am #

    I wonder if you could settle a bet I have with my uncle… we were discussing getting rid of an old refrigerator and he insisted that before we do, we MUST remove the doors to make sure it’s safe. I explained that that is true on VERY old refrigerators that had the old style latch doors, but on today’s modern fridges, it’s no longer an issue. That *IF* someone were to get inside a fridge, they would have NO problem pushing the door open, which was the concern in days long past. Since I only work on garage doors, he thinks I’m stretching my “expertise”, so I wanted to ask a true expert on refrigerators and doors… LOL Help me settle this once and for all and I’ll buy you a beer if you’re even in Tucson! 🙂

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