Kenmore Refrigerator Repairs

Kenmore refrigerator repair Las Vegas

Kenmore refrigerator repair Las Vegas

Is your refrigerator not cooling right anymore? Or do you find the freezer becoming full of ice? If your Kenmore refrigerator is causing you any kind of difficulty at all, you can rely on Best Refrigerator Repair of [sc:city] to get things functioning right for you. And we can do it soon. We are usually readily available for a same-day or following day service call, and there’s no service fee if we do your repair. With experienced, insured and friendly techs, it is no surprise [sc:city] utilizes us for Kenmore refrigerator repairs along with other appliance issues.

Not all refrigerator issues are difficult, and we recognize that quite a lot of you would rather attempt to work things out on your own before bringing in outside companies. That’s why we love to help you here too, by providing a few posts plus videos that may be of use for you. But remember, if you think this can be over your head, you are always better off having a qualified and trained expert tech get things operating once again. After all, you wouldn’t want all the food items within your fridge to end up going bad.

Whether you own a Kenmore refrigerator, or some other major brand, the DIY job we’ll be sharing with you here is something that you can probably handle on your own.  Check it out, and remember, if you need us, call us.

Today we are going to show you how to change the filter cup and housing assembly in your refrigerator. It’s a pretty easy job and all we’re going to need is a 1/4 inch nut driver and a flat blade screw driver. Let me show you how it is done.

Now the first step in this repair will be to turn the ice maker off, just reach in through the bin, lift up on the arm, and tilt the stays in the stop position. Next we will open the refrigerator door, clean any items off the top shelf and remove that shelf just tilt up. Lift the shelf out, set that aside.

Now we got a 1/4 inch nut driver, locate a hold in the housing over to the right hand side. Remove that 1/4 inch hex head screw that will remove the cover. And next we have to remove the two 1/4 inch hex head screws that secure the housing to the back wall of the refrigerator. Slip the housing and filter assembly out.

Now we will take our flat blade screw driver, we will lift up on the retaining clips for the two water lines. We want to take note the two separate water lines so that we get them located in the right place when we replace the part. Reconnect our two water lines, reinstall the two 1/4 inch hex head screws, remove the cover from the old housing, there will probably be a little bit of water come out of this… Set that aside, remove the filter, just pull it out, take note of your filter – if it appeared to be clogged up, its time to replace that as well.

We slide that into the housing, press firmly upwards and it should stay in place. Install our new cover, stir that on clockwise Now I am ready to put the filter housing cover back on, make sure the screw is located in the hole, insert our nut driver and slide it up over the housing. Tighten the screw and hold it in place, and reinstall the shelf. Remember to turn the ice maker back on, and our repair is complete. That’s how easy it is to change the filter cup and the housing assembly.  See, a little Kenmore refrigerator repair wasn’t all that hard now, was it?

Kenmore Refrigerator Repairs

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GE Refrigerator Repairs

GE refrigerator repair Las VegasFor a lot of types of appliance concerns, but especially when you are looking at GE refrigerator repair, [sc:city] residents know they’re able to count on getting the Best, most effective, most cost-effective same day or next day service by phoning us at [sc:phonenumber]. We know that having a fridge not really functioning isn’t something you are able to wait around to have fixed, so we try to reach you at the earliest opportunity, and our service fee is included within the cost of a repair.

Now based on what’s wrong with your GE refrigerator, there are particular things that you may well be equipped to handle on your own, based upon your degree of DIY skills. We like to provide information that can help folks interested in some of the less difficult fixes, for example, the one presented here. On the other hand, if you just aren’t comfortable with such things, or if you cannot find an appropriate content here, feel free to phone us. We are here to assist and to serve and we have got highly skilled, insured and friendly techs who’ll be happy to come and take a look. And remember, there’s no service charge when we carry out a repair.

One issue that some people tackle on their own is when it comes to replacing the water tube kit, whether on their GE refrigerator, or really just about any other brand refrigerator too.  This repair may be necessary if your fridge is leaking water or your ice maker isn’t making ice any longer.  So let’s have a look at how it’s done…

Today, we are going to show you how to change the water tube kit on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job – all we are going to need is a quarter-inch nut driver, a pair of slip joint pliers and a sharp utility knife. Let me show you how we do it.

The first step in this repair will be to pull the refrigerator out far enough that we can access the back of it and we will turn off the inlet water supply to the valve. Next we are going to remove the screws that secure the back cover in place, so that we can gain access to that valve. We will carefully pull that back panel away from the refrigerator.

Now with the back cover out of the way, we can remove these two quarter-inch Hex head screws secure the valve mounting bracket to the refrigerator and the pull the valve out far enough. Disconnect the wiring harness to the valve to give us a little more room and unhook the tubing from the clamps that secure it back of the fridge.

Now to remove the tubing from the fill tube, your model may or may not have this clamp on it. If it does, just depress the wing on that clamp with a pair of pliers and slide it down and you can pull tubing straight out of it Remove the old clamp from the tube and you can slide it back on to the fill tube, just so that you don’t forget to re-install it.

Next, we will remove that nut that holds it to the bottom of the valve It should only be hand tight, but if it is a little tighter, you can use your slip joint pliers to loosen it up. Now, once we have removed that old tubing The tubing that came in the kit is going to be considerably longer than what you require So we will lay it out and cut it to length.

Now that we have stretched out the existing tubing to get proper length for the replacement tubing, we will just lay it down on a block of wood and then take a sharp utility knife and make a nice straight cut on the new tubing, and then what we are going to do next is insert these metal support sleeves into the ends, both ends of the tubing, push them in all the way to the bottom out and do the same on the opposite end.

Now, before we put the one on the opposite end of the tubing, we will put that nut on first and slide the insert into place and we are ready to install that on the valve. Now, we will install the tubing back on the valve; make sure we tighten that nut securely. We will thread the tubing through those clamps and we will just insert that tubing into the fill tube and release the pressure on that clamp with a pair of pliers. Make sure the tube goes all the way and bottom is out and then slide that clamp up into position.

Now, we connect the wire harness to it We will tuck the valve up into position and will line up the holes on the bottom with the mounting screws. Next, we will reinstall the back cover taking care not to damage it.

Now, we are ready to turn on our water supply and check for any leaks, we can reconnect the power and push the GE refrigerator back into place and our repair is complete.  Now remember, while we were discussing GE refrigerator repairs today, this is equally as straight forward with most other major brands of refrigerators too.

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Refrigerator Freezer Defrost Timer Replacement

A couple of common issues people tend to have when their refrigerator isn’t working right is having a freezer that won’t defrost, or else the refrigerator portion of the unit is too warm while the freezer coils keep frosting up.  If you have these problems with a refrigerator, you may need to replace your freezer’s defrost timer.

refrigerator repair Las Vegas - defrost timer replacement

refrigerator repair Las Vegas – defrost timer replacement from PartSelect

Today,we’re going to show you how to change the defrost timer on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a quarter inch nut driver, and Philips screwdriver. Let’s get to how it’s done.

The first thing we want to do is remove any food items that are on these two shelves, then we’ll remove the top shelf and set that aside. The defrost timer is located inside of the control housing which is held in place by four quarter inch hex head screws, two at the front, two at the rear. We’ll remove the two rear ones first, we’ll support that control housing when we’re taking out the last screw.

Lower down and you will see a wire harness connecting to the ceiling – depress the side locking tabs and disconnect that harness, and then we’ll just pull that housing forward.  We now have access to the defrost timer that’s held in place with two Philips screws through the bottom side of the housing.

Next we’re going to remove those. There is also a four pin wire harness on the defrost timer, simply disconnect that. Discard the old defrost timer. We’ll take note on the bottom of that defrost timer, there is a dial here for the clock portion of it, and it’s meant to turn one direction only.  Turn it almost completely around and you will hear a click and that snaps into the defrost portion of the cycle.  Click it a little bit further and it comes out of the defrost and that’s where we want to start this timer at.

defrost timer - Las Vegas refrigerator repair

defrost timer – Las Vegas refrigerator repair

So, next we will reconnect the harness. We’re going to locate that hole over top of the opening in control housing. We’ll reinstall the two Philip screws that are secured in place. If you check we’ll see that that adjustment screw is lined up with the opening.

Now that we have defrost timer mounted in the housing, it’s time to put the housing back in the refrigerator. Just take note of the drain tube, make sure that’s clear. We’re going to locate that in to the opening at the back.  Tilt it up in to place.

The first thing we’ll do is reconnect the harness, and we’ll replace two front screws and the two rear ones. Replace the top shelf and our repair is complete.

That’s just how easy it is to change the defrost time on the refrigerator.

More information from YouTube about refrigerator repairs

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Removing Refrigerator Doors

removing refrigerator doors - refrigerator repair Las Vegas

removing refrigerator doors – refrigerator repair Las Vegas

For most types of refrigerator repairs, there is no reason to remove the doors. However, moving a refrigerator into or out of a space… that’s a different story! All too often people find that their doorways are just a tiny bit too narrow to get the fridge through as-is.  The good news is that while it is a bit more work, it’s not difficult.  Here, we’ll walk you through the process of removing the doors, whether it’s to fit through a tight space, or any other reason that might come up.

For some repairs, or when moving the refrigerator through a tight space, you may need to remove one or both doors. Before you attempt this, be sure to unplug the appliance.

When removing the freezer door your first step is to pull the kick plate off to access the water dispenser tube. Use an open-ended wrench to press down on the quick connector to release the tube. Be prepared for some water to spill out.

Now when removing either the freezer door or the refrigerator door, your next step is to remove the screws securing the top hinge cover. Slide the cover off and disconnect the wire harness if applicable.

Remove the bolts securing the top hinge to the cabinet. Partially open the door, then carefully lift it off the bottom hinge.

When you’re ready to remount the door, consider applying some silicone based grease to the lower cam first. Now position the door. If you’re replacing the freezer door, make sure the water dispenser tube is first inserted through the hole in the hinge pin, then slide the door onto the pin and close it.

Reposition the top hinge and secure it with the bolts. Make sure the door is level before tightening the bolt.

Reconnect the wire harness. If applicable, slide the hinge cover back on and secure with the screw.  Also, if applicable, fully insert the water dispenser tube into the connector and snap the kick plate into place.  You can now plug the appliance back in.

More helpful information on refrigerators from YouTube

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Troubleshoot a Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat

refrigerator repair Las Vegas - defrost thermostat test

refrigerator repair Las Vegas – defrost thermostat test

When it comes to troubleshooting refrigerator problems, there are some things you can do yourself, and others that should probably be left to the professionals, like Best Refrigerator Repair technicians.  One area that you can check for yourself is the defrost thermostat.  Here we’ll look at how you can test whether your refrigerator’s defrost thermostat is working properly.

Since you can’t tell if a defrost thermostat has failed simply by looking at it you’ll need to perform a continuity test. A continuity test will determine if a continuous electrical path is present in the thermostat.

If the thermostat has continuity it should be functioning properly no continuity means the electrical path is broken and the thermostat has failed. If you’re appliance’s thermostat has a closing temperature of thirty degrees fahrenheit or above you can easily test the part for continuity by using a multimeter. There are variety of meters to choose from for this demonstration we will use both analog and digital models.

[covertplayersearch trkeyword=”refrigerator” trdisplaytype=”5″ trnumbervideosdisplay=”1″ trvideoperpage=”2″ trthumbnailwidth=”80″ trthumbnailheight=”55″ trpopupwidth=”500″ trpopupheight=”350″ trvideoalign=”left” trytautohide=”0″ trytautoplay=”0″ trytcontrols=”0″ trytrelvideo=”0″ trytshowlogo=”1″ trytshowtitle=”0″ tryttheme=”dark” trythighquality=”0″]When using an analog model first rotate the range selection dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance then calibrate the meter by pinching the probes together while adjusting the needle to read zero.

When using a digital model, again rotate the dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance (or resistance with tone if your meter has this option), before you begin. Make sure the thermostat you’re testing has been removed or isolated from the appliance since the thermostat is activated by a change in temperature.

Place it in a glass of ice water for one or two minutes. Now use a probe to touch one of the thermostat’s terminals and the second probe to touch the other terminal. If the meter reading shows zero ohms of resistance the thermostat has continuity.  If the needle does not move or the digital display does not change significantly, there is no continuity which means the thermostat has failed and will need to be replaced.

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Five Most Common Refrigerator Problems

Today we are going to be discussing with you the five most common problems with refrigerators.

Number one DIY refrigerator repair is dealing with a stuck fridge fan.

Repair Refrigerator Fan

refrigerator fan repair

When you open your fridge and it is in its run cycle you should hear the sound like of the fan motor spinning. Sometimes what happens is the fan blades get stuck against the side or the fan blade itself goes so far back that it seats against the motor and then the blades get stuck and don’t turn.

The second most common problem with refrigerators is drips from the ceiling.

Now if it’s just small drips it can be caused by food put in that’s hot like boiling or something that had boiled and then set in the fridge without a cover on it. The way to eliminate that is to keep a cover on your food but if you’re seeing excessive drips from the inside center then it may indicate that you have a clogged condensate drain which is a very common problem with refrigerators.

The third most common problem with refrigerators is the compressor not running.

If you listen you can kind of hear the hum of the compressor. So if you don’t hear that sound – that low humming sound that’s different from the fan going – then your starter may need to be replaced on the compressor.

The fourth most common problem with refrigerators is torn gaskets.

The way that you prevent that from happening is to clean the gaskets often and to clean the fridge surface often where it mates because what happens is sticky foods stick in there and then pulling apart from the gasket eventually can tear the gasket and wear out the gasket, so that’s the way to kind of prevent it.

Each door manufacturer, from GE to Samsung, is different so you might have to consult your directions on how to replace your gasket. Some of them will have screws along the inside portion of the gasket in order to change it while others will have a press in place groove that the gasket gets pressed into.  Still others, the entire door portion will pull apart so that you can replace the gasket, so each kind is just slightly different.

And the fifth most common problem with refrigerators is being off balance.

What you want is for when you let your fridge door go, you want it to just close nice and gently and close all the way.  You want the fridge to aim towards the back just a tiny bit so that condensate goes down and stays along the back of the fridge and settles into the pan that’s on the back, (on the top of the compressor usually).  But anyway, you want your fridge to angle towards the back just a tiny bit.

If your fridge is off balance there is usually an adjustment screw, or some fridges have a wheel that is turned that can be adjusted just by lifting up a little bit on the fridge and then turning this either by hand or with channel locks.

[covertplayersinglevideo trvideoid=”d5EzKao5QCU” trdisplaytype=”5″ trnumbervideosdisplay=”1″ trvideoperpage=”1″ trthumbnailwidth=”150″ trthumbnailheight=”100″ trpopupwidth=”500″ trpopupheight=”350″ trvideoalign=”left” trytautohide=”0″ trytautoplay=”1″ trytcontrols=”0″ trytrelvideo=”0″ trytshowlogo=”1″ trytshowtitle=”0″ tryttheme=”dark” trythighquality=”0″]So that’s the five most common problems with refrigerators.  For more refrigerator repair and troubleshooting, you might enjoy this video.

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Fix a Leaky Refrigerator

Today we’re going to have a look at the common causes of a leaky fridge and what you can do about it. There are four most common causes, they are;

  1. door seals
  2. a door that won’t close
  3. evaporation trays and
  4. ice maker tubing

Now the first thing you’ll need to check is your door seals. Are they dirty? If they are, give them a clean. Because if there is food or dirt built up on the door seal it won’t form an effective seal with the fridge and so condensation can leak.

repair a refrigerator that is leaking

repair refrigerator door gaskets

Now, if your seal is really old or really damaged you can just get a new one. Door seals are available for all make and model of fridge and they are really easy to replace.

To remove your door seal for most models you will need to pull it away, however with some models you may need to use a knife to cut the old seal away. However fitting the new seal is really easy; you just need to push it into place. There are little ridges, and it’s really easy to do. It will take you less than ten minutes. Just make sure you have the right seal for make and model of fridge. You can find your model number on the inside of the fridge behind the vegetable crisper.

The next thing is a door that just won’t stay closed even if the seal is in good condition. This is especially common in fridges that have a large lower door. It’s caused by a fridge that is leaning too far forward. So what we need to do is tilt it back to make it level. That’s done by adjusting the feet.

You’ll need to tilt your fridge back, lean it on something or maybe wedge something under there, or better yet get a friend to hold it for you. Then you can adjust the feet. Most will be threaded, though some you might need a screwdriver or wrench.

The next thing you need to do is make sure your fridge is draining and evaporating water correctly. Each time you open or close your fridge door, moisture builds up inside. It condenses on the back wall and should drain away through a plug hole. You need to make sure this is unblocked. Some fridges come with an un-blocker, which you can use just to make sure it’s all clear.

You’ll also, on some models, be able to check the tubing at the back of the fridge. If anything is blocked you’ll notice water or ice build-up at the bottom, which will eventually spill out onto the floor.

[covertplayersinglevideo trvideoid=”xaDa-CuKBaA” trdisplaytype=”5″ trnumbervideosdisplay=”1″ trvideoperpage=”1″ trthumbnailwidth=”150″ trthumbnailheight=”100″ trpopupwidth=”500″ trpopupheight=”350″ trvideoalign=”left” trytautohide=”0″ trytautoplay=”1″ trytcontrols=”0″ trytrelvideo=”0″ trytshowlogo=”1″ trytshowtitle=”0″ tryttheme=”dark” trythighquality=”0″]When it comes to freezers, if you have a manual defrost freezer, you’ll need to defrost it about once every six months. Or you’ll get an excessive ice build-up in there. Basically, if there is too much ice in there you won’t be able to close the door properly and that will mean a leak. (video originally posted on YouTube by user eSparesVideo)

If you’ve got an auto defrost freezer an element will come on inside about once every six hours or so and it will just melt away any ice build-up and then this will go down a drain hole. You may be able to get access to that drain hole, you may not, it will depend on the model of your freezer. If you can get access just make sure it’s not blocked with food or ice.

The water ends up down in the bottom of the fridge in the evaporation tray. The tray sits on top of the warm compressor and the warmth then evaporates the water away. Check your tray for any signs of damage, any cracks or leaks. Also check any visible hosing. It could be that your hose, rather than dripping into the tray, is actually dripping onto the floor. Anything that is out of place or broken; just replace.

If your refrigerator has an ice maker or a water dispenser, the last thing you’ll need to check is the hosing that connects it all up. There will usually be three hoses. There will be one inlet hose which runs from your main water supply into the top of your fridge.

There should also be two drain hoses; one which runs from the bottom of the water dispenser to the bottom of the door, and one that is connected to that which runs from the bottom of the door into the evaporation tray.

Check all these hoses for signs of damage, and any crack or any leaks. Also check all the connections are nice and tight and no water is leaking from them. Once you’ve done that hopefully your fridge will be leak free.

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Replacing Your Refrigerator’s Ice Maker

We recently had a service call for a customer who needed help replacing their ice maker.  Knowing this can happen to others as well, we thought we would share some good information with you here, in case you find yourself in a similar situation and needing to do your own refrigerator maintenance.  We hope you’ll find this helpful.

Today we are going to show you how to change an Ice Maker on your refrigerator, it’s a really easy job, all we are going to need is a ¼ inch nut driver, and a small flat blade screwdriver, let me show you how we do it.

Refrigerator Repair Las Vegas - Ice Maker Replacement

Refrigerator Repair Las Vegas – Ice Maker Replacement

Now the first step in this repair will be to turn the ice maker off, so you set the switch to the of position.  Next we are going to remove this ice door, there’s a couple of little hinge pins on the door that fit into a hinge bracket, so we are going to just push that bracket just enough to clear the hinge pin, and do the same on the opposite side, and we just set that aside.

Next we will remove the shelf here to give ourselves a little more room, there’s one ¼ inch hex edge screw in the right side here that we need to remove.  We can also remove the cover for the harness at the rear, just lift up on it, that’s the piece that the screw was going through, unhook that and remove it.

Now there’s also a locking tab on each side of these two tracks that hold the icemaker in place, with a small flat blade, we’ll depress those tabs, and then slide the icemaker forward.

Now keeping the infrared door closed, we’ll slide the ice maker forward, we’ll get it out far enough so that we can disconnect the wire harness, there’s a single tab on the side of the harness, just pull that open and disconnect the harness.

Now we can take the ice maker to a suitable work surface, and we’ll remove the base assembly from it to install on the new one. Now that we have the old ice maker over on a suitable work surface, turn it up side down, and we are going to remove that base assembly from it.

There’s three ¼ inch hex edge screws, just remove those, and we are also going to need to remove the wire harness connector from the end of that assembly.  Just press the tabs in enough to drop it down through the opening, and then we can discard the old ice maker.

Now we’ll simply transfer the old casing on to the new ice maker, line up these three screw holes, make sure they are all tight, and next we’ll insert the harness connector into the opening, pop one end in first, make sure the tab comes through clearly, and then lock it in place.

Now we are ready to put it back into the refrigerator – now we are ready to reinstall the ice maker. We’ll stand it on end first, and connect the wire harness, make sure it locks into place.

Now we are ready to slide it into the track, line up the rails on both sides, push it back until you hear those locking tabs snap in place. We’ll reinstall the cover for the wire harness, just tuck that up from the back side, here over the top of the harness, then reinstall the ¼ inch hex head screw.

Next we’ll reinstall the door, gauge one of the hinge pins first, just gently bend that tab out enough to accept it, turn the ice maker back on, and our repair is complete.

[covertplayersinglevideo trvideoid=”hmCE3oKpEk0″ trdisplaytype=”5″ trnumbervideosdisplay=”1″ trvideoperpage=”1″ trthumbnailwidth=”150″ trthumbnailheight=”100″ trpopupwidth=”500″ trpopupheight=”350″ trvideoalign=”left” trytautohide=”0″ trytautoplay=”1″ trytcontrols=”0″ trytrelvideo=”0″ trytshowlogo=”1″ trytshowtitle=”0″ tryttheme=”dark” trythighquality=”0″]If watching the process described above would be helpful, just click on the thumbnail to the left and watch the video created by the helpful folks at PartSelect, where you can get just about any part for your refrigerator repair you might need.

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When You’re Beyond Refrigerator Repairs

When Is Refrigerator Replacement a Must?

How would you know that it is no longer wise to undergo a refrigerator repair and that you should rather throw that unit away and look for a replacement?  Honestly, if the refrigerator is about 14 to 17 years, it either has reached the end of the road or can still be repaired but would bring more frustration than benefits.

It is understandable that you want to save it so you can avoid an untimely and huge expense.  Nonetheless, for so many cases like the case that the unit is already old, the most correct option is to trade it for a new one.  And if your unit came to your life before the coming of this century, the advice is to keep yourself from creating more miseries by throwing it away and buying a new one which is more likely to be energy efficient and efficient in doing its job.

Other Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Refrigerator

If the refrigerator is no longer keeping the food inside fresh and cold, there’s a possibility that there is something wrong with the thermostat.  Perform the check process stated in the manual.  The worst thing that can happen in this scenario is thermostat replacement.  If doing this will not work, you should have not replaced the thermostat in the first.  Thus, if you have any suspicion that it is the thermostat, you must consult first with a knowledgeable guy before you purchase a new one.

It could be the best time to replace if you are forced to lower the temperature setting just to ensure that it will at least produce cool air to preserve the things inside.  Another sign a replacement might be needed is when you notice the motor taking too long to run in one cycle and that this is happening constantly.  It signals that the refrigerator is having a hard time producing the right amount of coldness inside.  Another still is if you see condensation taking place around the refrigerator’s door frame.  Check out also if the surfaces outside is hot to the touch.

Replacement Is a Must If the Unit Is Causing the Electric Bill to Shoot Up

You know that newer models of refrigerators are designed in such a way that the refrigerator can help in lowering energy use at home and thereby lowering the figures of energy bills.  Most new refrigerator models require 75% less energy-use compared to old models.  The amount of savings from this advantage alone can make a home save up to a $100 in one year.  If you will be buying a new unit, make sure that you ask the retailer on the amount of kilowatts of energy the refrigerator is expected to consume in an entire year.

Consider this matter seriously and hopefully you will arrive at a decision that’s going to benefit everyone.

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Finding the Ideal Refrigerator Repair Expert

There are specific signs which help you identify that your refrigerator requires a repair. Most often than not, refrigerator problems begin with an unusual sound, or you might notice that the system starts to leak. If you have noticed these types of problems, trying to fix it on your own won’t resolve it. Instead, you have to locate a good refrigerator repair company that can help you come up with the perfect solution.

Finding one within your area isn’t as difficult as you may have thought it would be. As a matter of fact, you can utilize the internet and you’ll be able to find the best companies that can help you with your refrigerator repair. One of the primary reasons why a professional’s expertise is needed, is because not all refrigerators are the same. In fact, you might be able to find DIY fixes from the internet, but bear in mind that not all of these tutorials are reliable.

If you don’t want to cause further damage or problem, finding one that knows what he is doing and one company that has been in the industry for years is ideal. Here are some of the characteristics of a good ref repair service:

  • Has established a good reputation online. Not all appliance repair shops have websites; however, this doesn’t stop customers from posting their reviews and sharing their experiences with that specific company.
  • Make use of online listings and find potential repair companies that can help you. This is one of the simplest, yet the most effective way to find the right repair company for your broken refrigerator. As a matter of fact, you may even filter out all of these professionals by city and by review ratings, which eventually makes the entire search faster and easier at the same time.
  • Asking your family or friends for references would also do the trick. Remember, if someone has tried the services and they are pleased about it, they won’t hesitate to recommend you the refrigerator repair company or professional.
  • Emergency repairs are inevitable. As much as possible, find one that caters 24-hour services or at least next day services. This is one of the common things some people tend to forget.

Locating the perfect refrigerator repair professional takes a little bit of time and research. Don’t just jump into conclusions that one company is the best, simply because it’s the first company you’ve found online. Take time to read and learn more about the different companies, start doing your own comparison and in no time, you’ll be able to find the perfect professional to fix your broken refrigerator.

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