Fixing a Broken Ice Dispenser in a Kitchenaid Refrigerator

Kitchenaid side by side refrigeratorRight – we are working on a Kitchenaid side by side refrigerator repair today, this is one with bookoo electronic controls. The particular complaint on this one is that the ice dispenser door was stuck open and no ice comes out, the door doesn’t open and it was stuck open since I corrected that previously in my troubleshooting but we are going to look at why this doesn’t work, the dispenser works, the water dispenser, but the ice doesn’t work.

So a couple of possibilities going on with this one, just look over here at the wiring diagram and you see that we have got one, two, three, that’s a lighting board but we have got dispenser used interface and over here we have got a dispenser main control board, there is a stepper motor and there are also the pads that actually actuate the ice pad and the water pad, we don’t know where the problem is on this one so the question in this one is, what is the problem and which is the bad actor.

So we are going to start by getting access to the dispenser, very easy on this one, just remove your drip pan there, two screws there, Phillips or square drive and the whole dispenser housing comes right out and you have access to most of the innards on the dispenser working there so we are going to look at that.

Alright so I have got those two screws down there removed and then with those removed, the whole dispenser comes off like that, easy peasy, inside here, there is a user interface board, the wire harness connector goes back and talks to the main dispenser control board back here, we got relays and stuff on there that actuates all of the different things, there is your stepper motor right here that controls the ice door and there is your smart valve and then the motor assemblies right here, just a quick tour of the ice dispenser so now we are going to troubleshoot and figure out which is the bad board and I am going to show you a really easy way of telling what the bad part is.

Ok so here we are looking at the back of the dispenser board here, there are those pads, ice and water pad here, the ice side is not working, the water side works fine, so what we are going to do then…. And here we are, this is ice here on this side and we were looking at it from the back and you see that this little harness connecter comes up and plugs into the user interface here, same for the water side, so, I am plugging into a circuit board here, one thing I am wondering is what does this wire harness convey, what does it carry, what does the switch do.

What I know is there is a circuit board, I have got a wire harness here, this is probably some type of switch with a time delay in it and it’s grounding out some low voltage DC signal here and we are going to put the meter on there and see. What I have done here, I have removed the harness for the ice pad and I am checking the voltage there, five volts DC, so what this switch is doing is, it’s just simply grounding out, it’s supposed to just short out that five volts DC and then that operates the sequence in the board to move the stepper motor.

I can simulate that by shorting my leads together, I can also test this by taking the harness from the good dispenser pad, which is on for the water and moving it over to here and plugging it in and then actuating the water dispenser pad over on that side. So let’s look at that.

And here I have got the water dispenser pad, taking the wire harness and just routing it over and plugging it into the receptacle on the user interface board for the ice dispenser, now I am going to actuate the dispenser pad because this one was working so I am going to see and if this works, in other words, If I get that door to open and the ice comes out, then that tells me that the main control board back here is good, it tells me that the stepper motor is good, it tells me the door is sealing correctly, it tells me this circuit is working fine and that the only problem in fact would be replacing the pad.

So let’s check that now. I will just come over here and reach just under there, and there it goes, the motor is working, there is no ice in here otherwise ice would be dispensing but they have got the ice removed so everything is working, this is an easy way to troubleshoot when you have two of the same kind of things, you just substitute and replicate function and you can identify the problem and now the only thing we have got to do is just replace the water pad, they actually come as a pair and I will show you that in a second.

Add genuine FSP parts, two of them in the kit, one for ice and one for water, so both of these pads here will be replaced, wired in, reassembled and verified for proper operation. Alright the fix is in, both new pads installed nice and pretty and it’s all hooked up and reconnected, now we just verify proper operation, water works and if there was ice in there it would come out too so everything is working fine. Problem solved.

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